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UBC Science Co-op

A co-operative education program is an invaluable resource for post-secondary students hungry for hands-on experience, as well as employers looking for new talent. Since 1980, UBC Science Co-op has helped thousands of students and employers alike, and the program has grown exponentially in recent years. Its Internet prescence had been limited, and was largely a utility portal for students already enrolled in the program. The team at UBC Science Co-op wished to transform their footprint on the web into a marketing tool, one that properly communicates its reach and scope of services, in order to attract future students and employers to participate in the program.

A fresh design that adheres to the UBC mother brand, and clearly communicates to the appropriate target audiences that Science Co-op provides the services that they seek. Each core audience group: Prospective Students, Current Students, and Employers, is able to quickly find relevant content through a clearly delineated navigation system. The site also features dynamic social feeds that showcase  current student experiences in real time.

Serengeti Design Group 

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